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Are you getting on top of your finances?

Maybe your bank statement isn't telling you the whole story. Yes I know accounting is boring but dare to make the figures talk...Who knows, you might get the answer to your problem there.

There is no better time to spot money issues now before they get out of hand. Your gut feeling may be leading you astray. In a fierce competitive world there are no prizes for being clueless on money matters.

Wise Accounts has a cashflow forecast tool. Do you have any idea what difference $20 a month could make to your bank balance 3, 6 or 12 months from now?

The major hurdle to keeping up to date accounting records is data entry. Now you have no excuse since Wise Accounts can be accessed wherever you are online. You could be at home on your PC, at work with your iPad, on a trip with your iPhone. Whenever money goes in or out you can keep a timely and accurate record of it.

If you run a club, an association, a partnership different people can all update the records and keep everything in sync. Was that cheque deposited? Which bills are due this week? Now you are in the know.

How are we doing this year compared to last year? Where is our surplus coming from (higher income, lower expenses)? Where is it going to (repaying debt, increased costs)? The source and appropriation of funds report will answer these questions...

Have you been confused between what is a credit or a debit? Have you had a hard time with systems in the past to delete or reverse a wrong entry? Would you like some samples to play with? Just get started and make a difference in your affairs now...
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What can Wise Accounts do for me?

  • Access your accounting records from any online device
  • Reconcile your bank/credit card statement
  • Sync your records by uploading an internet banking file
  • Source & Application of Funds report pinpoints money use
  • Perform a Cash Flow Projection to plan ahead
  • Share the bookkeeping between several users from several locations

Are you all accounted for?

Why should only the taxman be privy to your state of affairs when you have to lodge your tax return? There is much valuable information to be found in poring over your personal finances. The way you handle your finances says a lot about the direction you're taking for your life. If you set goals it will channel your resources and you will have to make some strategic decisions about where to spend and where not to spend.

Are you making a profit or a loss?

No prize for being in the dark! Financial matters have the knack of creeping up on you in discreet ways. If you fail to pick up the trend early enough it can be quite overwhelming to redress the situation.


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