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Relating family policy and the law

The Australian Institute of Family Studies has released a new collection of essays on family policy and the law to inform government, legal professionals, service providers and the community about changes in these areas in recent years.

Director of AIFS, Professor Alan Hayes said Families, policy and the law: Selected essays on contemporary issues for Australia explored a range of topics including trends in family formation; the child protection system; relationship breakdown; family violence and developments in social science and the law.

Professor Hayes said the essays highlighted some of the challenges for future directions in policy and the law relating to the protection and wellbeing of children and their families.

"This collection of essays outlines some of the key problems facing families and some of the positive prospects for progress in addressing contemporary social problems that impact on children and their families," he said.

Institute releases essay collection

"Collective awareness of the issues involved and common narratives are the starting points for better coordinated approaches to promoting the resilience of individuals and the wellbeing of their families."

Professor Hayes said the publication included contributions from 38 Australian authors in four key sections: Diverse family formation: Identity, recognition and law; Legal and statutory responses to families in difficulty; Relationship breakdown and family policies and practices; and Social science and developments in Australian law relating to families, safety and child wellbeing.

Professor Hayes said the essays highlighted the complexity arising from the differing family polices across jurisdictions.

"Each jurisdiction has its own legislative responsibilities and frameworks and aligning these is far from a simple proposition," he said.

"However, progress is being made to better align and coordinate approaches to formulate and implement policies and laws focused on children and families."

The essays are available at this PS News link.

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