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Howled up!

Possibly spurred on by the adulation, flattery and blandishments that befell last week's winner of the welcomely resurrected PS News HOWLA award for the most creative official 'Headline Of the Week to Laugh Aloud at', the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) has gone for the esoteric this week, imaginatively weaving the magic of rhyme into an otherwise prosaic proclamation of a wild pig cull in a National Park.

"Less Pork on the Walk in Yuraygir National Park," was how the NPWS lyrically led into its announcement, ensuring its serious message unmistakably hit its target with great creativity and resourcefulness, and snaffling up a prestigious and well-deserved HOWLA along the way.

Congratulations and well-done to all concerned.


News worthy

From our "I wish I'd said that" file comes this remarkable example of modern day observational wisdom that neatly hits the sardonic nail right on its cynical head.

"Have you ever noticed how they start the evening TV news with a hearty 'Good Evening" and then spend the next hour or so proving that it isn't?"


Startled and finished

And now, always on the lookout for the wordiest and nerdiest of offerings to offer our very non-wordy and non-nerdy readers, PS-sssst! was delighted this week to unwrap an email that had in it this amazingly startling word play for the combined edification, erudition and education of all.

Submitted by Lisa C of Canberra, the startling fun starts with "Startling" and then just gets better as we remove one letter at a time to make our way to the bottom, one dictionary-certified word at a time.

To wit:










Thanks Lisa - that's brilliant.

A fabulous book prize is on its way and there are more in the wings for other readers offering similar cascading declensions for the delight and entertainment of the rest of us.

Share your best work by sending it to


Grinners win

And while on the subject of competitions , Rama Gaind's amazing DVD giveaways just keep giving and this week two lucky winners will become the proud owners of a Happiness Never Comes Alone DVD.

All you had to do to go in the draw was name three other films directed by James Huth.

Readers who came up with the right answers were Mal F of the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines who correctly named Hellphone, Serial Lover and Dead End as his three titles and Debra C of The Department of Defence who offered Brice de Nice, Hellphone and Lucky her three James Huth productions.

The delightful DVD prizes are on their way. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all who took part.

Another of Rama's fabulous giveaways is up for grabs this week. Just visit this PS News link for your chance to win.

Good luck to all.


Going down!

And finally, for those who've ever wondered why there's a Stairway to heaven but a Highway to hell.

Well, the secret's out.

It's a traffic planning issue.

Apparently, road traffic authorities have surveyed the population and found many more people are going to hell!


Till next week....


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